SQLGate for Oracle Comparison

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the Freeware version or the expired Trial version.
Menu Functionality SQLGate for Oracle
Freeware Developer
General Free distribution for personal user O X
Support for Unicode/UTF8 O O
Paste from Code O
Key Command O O
Tree view Style Object Panel O O
Login Net Login O O
OCI Login O O
Connection History O O
Session Support for Multiple Session O O
Password Change O O
Current Session Information O O
SQL Editor Multi-Query O O
SQL Execution & Update O O
SQL Execution Plan O O
SQL Conversion O O
SQL Sorting O O
Field Name Completion O O
Table Name Completion O O
View Query Detail Information O O
Execution Statistics O O
Auto-Trace O O
SQL Trace O O
Reuse of SQL O O
Code Completion O O
Keyword Completion O O
PL/SQL Editor PL/SQL Execution O O
SQL Navigator O O
Variable Completion O O
PL/SQL Debugger PL/SQL Debugging O O
Debugging Object Selection O O
Code Execution by Step O O
Execution by Procedure O O
Execute Exception O O
Schema Browser Schema Search/Create/Update/Delete O O
Schema Filtering O O
Support for Setting Schema Permission O O
Schema Script O O
Schema Generator Constraint Generator O O
Index Generator O O
Sequence Generator O O
Synonym Generator O O
Trigger Generator O O
Table Generator O O
View Generator O O
Job Generator O O
Collection Type Generator O O
Object Type Generator O O
Role Generator O O
Rollback Segment Generator O O
Tablespace Generator O O
User Generator O O
Profile Generator O O
DB Link Generator O O
Managers / Tools Query Builder O O
TNS Name Editor O O
Security Manager O O
Tablespace Manager O O
Analysis Manager O O
Session Browser O O
Server Health Monitor O O
Data Exporter X O
Data Importer O O
Oracle Exp Utility O O
Oracle Imp Utility O O
SGA Trace / Optimization O O
Master/Detail Table Browser O O
PL/SQL Encryption Tool O O
Report Tool O O
Server Analyzer O O
Extents Viewer O O
Database Information O O
Object Recompile O O
FTP Client O O
Object Browser O O
Script Exporter O O
ER Design Select and Move O O
Zoom In and Out O O
Sort O O
Input Text Box O O
Set and Show Relationship O O
Print and Printer Setting O O
Show and Modify SQL O O
Reverse Engineering O O
Table Display Options O O

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