SQLGate for DB2 Version History

11/24/2011 : SQLGate for DB2 Update(

2011/11/24: SQLGate for DB2 Shareware version update

Fixed the script bug at DB2 9.1 version
Done for multilingual message boxed, which are displayed only in english

06/24/2011 : SQLGate for DB2 Update(

1. Modified incomplete letters at some screen of French, German and Spanish versions.
2. Help> Update Check : Changed check method for version updates.
3. Help> Update Check : Fixed bug, [Update now] did not work.
4. DECFLOAT data type support.
5. SQL History : Fixed “invalid class typecase” error when pressing the F4 key on the Add SQL window.
6. Patch for other bugs.

05/27/2011 : SQLGate for DB2 Freeware Release

SQLGate for DB2 freeware version has been released for personal users.

Users can use without limitation of features, which are same as trial version.

Companies or groups should use SQLGate for DB2 trial version.

We’ll try to be a better product.

05/27/2011 : SQLGate for DB2 Official Version Update

1. "Query, Connection Component " Update
2. Modify "Table Script Options " window feature

05/17/2011 : SQLGate for DB2 Beta Version Update

1. SQL Query Editor
- Fixed bug that null is not displayed.
- Improved rate when executing query that has many columns.
- Improved rate when executing query that has lots of data.
- Fixed bug when pasting data.

2. Login
- Added ODBC login feature.

3. Others
- Added ER Design and Query Builder.
- Added Online Support and Online Purchase menus.
- Added banner.
- Fixed other bugs.

04/20/2011 : SQLGate for DB2 Beta Version Update

1. Auto Update
- Fixed bug that "Help > Update Check > Update Now" menu doesn’t work

2. Object Explorer
- Fixed bug that rowid error is occurred when select "Table > Insert/Edit Data".

3. SQL Query Editor
- Fixed bug that partial object has been imported when table auto completion.
- Improved rate of query when there are many fields on executing select queries.

4. Fixed other bugs

04/15/2011 : SQLGate for DB2 Beta Version Release

SQLGate DB2 version has been released.

Users can use DB2 version with previous SQLGate interface just as it is.

It supports IBM DB2 8.x or later version. Please refer to prodocut introduction pages for detail features and download.

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