License contents for product of Antwiz, inc are belows. User should confirm the license information before using a product.

Personal User License

This license is provided to free of charge to all personal users who use in nonprofit goal. To use the license from the enterprise, the public institution and the academic institution must purchase the product.
The product for personal user can be used without charge regardless of the nation, the object and the version.
The product for personal user is identical with the registered product functionally. The patch and auto-update will be serviced for free.
After 2011, parts of functions can be changed. You should issue the license periodically in the web site of Antwiz, Inc.

Enterprise License

This license is purchased by the corporation/the agency/the group. Only the institution and the number of users, stated in the certification, can use it.
The purchased license is available only in the corresponding nation. If you want to use in the other nations, you must purchase the license for those nations.
Unless you don’t purchase the license for the enterprise, the same function as the registered version will be provided.

But after 30 days, the “Evaluation Version” image will be shown in the editor.
After 30 days you can use the product for test not, for you business.
The patch and auto-update will be serviced for free after 30 days, but some functions can be changed or is not available through auto-update.

Create : 7/20/2010

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