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08/02/2012 : SQLGate for Oracle Update (

July 31st, 2012 : Update for SQLGate 2010 For Oracle Dev/Exp/Free Version

The Version is properly updated only by patching twice.

Contents of Update:
1. Bug in which login window was shown two times in Windows 7 has been corrected.
2. SQL Query Editor : Modified to display execution time in milliseconds
3. SQL Query Editor : Bug in which text cursor did not move to end of Editor after execution of SQL Align has been corrected.
4. SQL Query Editor : Various dialogs shown in Korean
5. SQL Query Editor : Bug shown in exponential expression in Folat Field has been patched.
6. Limited Function : Freeware users and users whose trial period has expired cannot access the features of [Export Data] and [Import Data].
7. SQL History : Bug in which SQL History did not normally show in Windows 7 has been corrected.


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