Company Overview

Antwiz makes necessary software for whole world developer.

Antwiz Inc. 2000-2011


Antwiz, Inc. is a software development company founded on the spirit of sharing in 2004, Korea.The company has kept growing on its technical innovation since its foundation,
and it is now established as the top of software development companies.
Antwiz programmers put their all efforts to develop database solutions of which developers all over the world dream. And we are devoting ourselves to improve our existing programs constantly in order to make our clients more satisfied.

Antwiz wishes that the SQLGate tool will reach developers throughout the world.
Antwiz promises you to continue to develop more innovative database solution.


AntWiz Inc.
Foundation Date : February 15, 2005
CEO : Yong-Sung Yang

Primary Business

SQLGate for Oracle

SQLGate for Oracle is a powerful database management tool which provides you with an easy development and management for Oracle database applications.

SQLGate for SQL Server

SQLGate for SQL Server is a development tool for the Microsoft SQL server that executes various SQL and manages the procedure conveniently and diversely.

SQLGate for MySQL

SQLGate for MySQL is a tool that manages the MySQL server in a convenient and various way and reduces user's time and effort to manage procedure.

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